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Research for Sustainable Marine Eco-systems and Biodiversity in a Climate Changed World

FutureMARES is an EU-funded research project examining the relations between climate change, marine biodiversity and ecosystem services. Our activities are designed around three Nature-based Solutions (NBS):

Effective Restoration (NBS1) 

Effective Conservation (NBS2)

Sustainable Harvesting of Marine Resources (NBS3)

We're conducting our research and cooperating with marine organisations and the public in five Case Study Regions across the globe. Our goal is to provide science-based policy advice on how best to use NBS to protect future biodiversity and ecosystem services in a future climate.

New release:
FutureMARES Introduction Video   

What is FutureMARES all about?

Which NBS do we focus on and why?

How does our research help in adapting marine ecosystems to climate change?

In this video, project coordinator Myron A. Peck (NIOZ, Texel) introduces the nuts and bolts of FutureMARES, our Case Study regions and research topics. How does this relate to ecosystem services, biodiversity and cultural benefits for society? Watch the clip to learn more!

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This project receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 869300

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