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Deliverable 1.1

Implementation Scenarios for Marine Nature-Based Solutions (NBS)

This document introduces scenarios and seeks specific input from stakeholders on their perceptions of regional aspects most important to be contrasted in FutureMARES activities.


Deliverable 2.1

Ensemble Data Set of Key Model Variables

The data available from this task provides the physical and biogeochemical habitat conditions across the project for all of its storylines. 



Deliverable 1.3 

Report on cross-region long-term monitoring of marine biodiversity

This deliverable aims to analyse, contribute and synthesize the current marine biodiversity shifts in European seas in relation to climate change.




Deliverable 2.2

Hindcast and Projection Uncertainty in Physical Biogeochem. Simulations

  • Updated version of the Statistical Downscaling Ensemble for the Regional Seas of FutureMARES

  • Quantitative evaluation of its performance against observations compared to original Climate and Earth System Models

  • Assessment of the uncertainties attached to the future projections 

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