Regions & Storylines

Throughout FutureMARES, project partners will create 40 unique 'storylines' that will showcase what the effects of climate change means for species in the environments we will study. These storylines will also include examples of effictive restoration, effective conservation, and sustainable harvesting. 

The storylines focus on: 


NBS1 - Effective Restoration


NBS2 - Effective Conservation


NBS3 - Sustainable Harvesting

Storylines 1, 2, 3

Norwegian Coast, inter-relationships among kelp, sea urchins and cod 

Storyline 4

Salmon at Hardangerfjord, Norway


Storylines 5 & 7

Seaweeds, seagrasses, inverts., fish
at the north-east Baltic Sea coast

Storyline 6 

Eelgrass (Zostera) in the south-west Baltic Sea

Storyline 8

Basins. management & MPAs at the Baltic Sea

Storyline 9

Mussel culture at the south-west Baltic Sea

Storyline 10 

Oyster & mussels at the Dutch coast

Storyline 11

Torridge saltmarsh habitats at the
north-east Atlantic & North Sea

Storylines 12 &14

Marine spatial planning at the north-east Atlantic and North Sea 

Storyline 13

Soft sediment infauna and epifauna (carbon cycling / burial) at the north-east Atlantic and North Sea 

Storyline 15

Seaweed, mussels, oyster at the
north-east Atlantic and North Sea

Storylines 16 &17

Riverine fish (marine opportunists) at the Atlantic and Scandinavian waters

Storylines 18 &19

Riverine fish (diadromous) at the Atlantic Transitional & upstream 

Storyline 20

Seagrass (Zostera noltei) at the Bay of Biscay and Iberian coast

Storylines 21 & 23

Kelp forests & biodiversity in northern Portugal 

Storyline 22

MPA in south-west Bay of Biscay 

Storyline 24

Bay of Biscay Artisinal & commercial fisheries 

Storyline 25

North-west (Balearic Islands) seagrass (P. oceanica

Storyline 26

MPAs for Aegean pelagic and demersal communities 

Storyline 27

Karpathos & Saria MPAs: seagrasses and meadows, soft/rocky bottom 

Storyline 28

MPA network (P. oceanica) communities at the Western Mediterranean

Storyline 29

Habitat-forming macroalgae / corals in the western Mediterranean Sea


Storylines 30, 31, 33

Basin-wide: coastal to offshore ecosystems, habitat-forming, spatial  management measures at the Mediterranean Sea 

Storyline 32

Basin-wide sea turtle conservation in the Mediterranean Sea

Storyline 34 & 35

Reef & canopy-forming macroalgae and AIS in the south-east Mediterranean Sea

Storyline 36

Coasts: 40° latitude (N. Atlantic &  S. Pacific) 

Storyline 37

Offshore European Seas: plankton (Blue Carbon) 

Storyline 38

Fisheries spp, (e.g. conch, lobster) at the Belize EEZ

Storyline 39 & 40

Ecosystem approach in Chile (Islet and Islands)