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Outreach Material
FutureMARES Introduction Video featuring Myron A. Peck (Coordinator)  

What is FutureMARES all about?

Which NBS do we focus on and why?

How does our research help in adapting marine ecosystems to climate change?

In this video, project coordinator Myron A. Peck (NIOZ, Texel) introduces the nuts and bolts of FutureMARES, our Case Study regions and research topics. How does this relate to ecosystem services, biodiversity and cultural benefits for society? Watch the clip to learn more!

FutureMARES Scenarios Brochure - a 'Glossy' that describes our NBS scenarios

This document introduces scenarios and seeks specific input from stakeholders on their perceptions of regional aspects most important to be contrasted in FutureMARES activities.


Project activities include projections of spatial ecological impacts, social-ecological risk assessment, and bioeconomic analyses.


This work is performed using different scenarios of NBS implementation

FutureMARES Roll-Ups - for download and printing for stakeholder events

The roll-ups introduce the project to stakeholders at events and workshops. They also include contact information.

PDF for printing/production of a physical roll-up. If you need other file formats or languages, get in touch with: 

Dr. Vera Köpsel

(vera.koepsel [at]


English version


English version


English version


English version

FutureMARES trifolds - a brief overview of the project and the different regions
Baltic EN cover.png

Baltic Sea

Caribbean cover.png


NE Atl cover.png

North-east Atlantic

Rivers cover.png

River systems

Biscay EN cover.png

Bay of Biscay

Med EN cover.png

Mediterranean Sea

SE Pacific cover.png

South-east Pacific

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