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Celebrating 4 years of successful research at Final Meeting on Texel (NL)

In the last week of June, the FutureMARES consortium met on the Dutch Wadden Sea island to present the results of their project to policy makers and sister projects.

Group photo of FutureMARES consortium at the Texel beach

Whilst the first day of the meeting was dedicated to internal discussion amonst the project partners, FutureMARES invited policy- and decision-makers as well as fellow marine EU projects to join in on June 26th and 27th. After an introduction by Scientific Project Coordinator Myron A. Peck (NIOZ), three dedicated Policy Sessions focused on

  1. Climate Sensitivity and Resilience of Marine Biodiversity (feat. Myron Peck, NIOZ / Momme Butenschön, CMCC / Gil Rilov, IOLR / Katharina Alter, NIOZ),

  2. Effective Restoration Strategies for Marine Species and Habitats (feat. Isabel Sousa Pinto, CIIMAR / Ana Queiros, PML / Dorte Krause-Jensen, AU / Jose Fernandes, AZTI), and

  3. Marine Ecosystem Services and Sustainable Harvesting in a Future Climate (Chris Lynam, Cefas / Marta Coll, CSIC / Sarah Simons, TI / Juan Bueno Pardo, UVigo)

Each of the sessions was followed by a 30min panel discussion which invited the online audience to participate. The policy sessions were joined by members of the European Commisson, European Research Executive Agency (REA), and the Commission's DGs.

Gil Rilov (IOLR, top left) - Myron A. Peck (NIOZ, top right) - Katharina Alter (NIOZ), Gil Rilov (IOLR) & Momme Butenschön (CMCC) during the policy panel (bottom)

This meeting was not only a presentation of final results, though, but also a celebration of four years of successful research, cooperation, creativity and stakeholder engagement. The meeting participants celebrated their project with a horse wagon tour through a dune and marshland nature reserve in the North-West of Texel ("De Slufter") as well as a night out having dinner together and enjoying the mild summer weather.

A highlight of the Final Meeting was the release of the FutureMARES Synthesis video that was produced in cooperation with Pix Videos to summarise the key results and impacts of the project.

Get in touch with us for more information about FutureMARES results and products!

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