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FutureMARES coming together for 3rd Integration Meeting in Pisa, Italy

Project members from all over Europe met to discuss the progress of FutureMARES' Storylines

From February 6-9, 2023 many members of FutureMARES met in person at the University of Pisa (IT) to exchange about the status of the project, the work packages and Storylines. Those meeting physically were joined by others who participated online. Representatives of each Storyline presented their current and planned activities, followed by discussions about how to integrate the different work streams. Especially in larger research projects, such exchange is central for moving forward together in a coordinated way, but also to stay in touch with each other and keep personal and professional relationships alive.

To break up the program and showcase their work, Fabio Bulleri and his colleagues from Pisa took the whole group on an excursion to Livorno, where their laboratory is located in the local aquarium. After a tour of the lab and exhibition, the Acquario di Livorno was the perfect location for the presentation of the Mediterranean Storylines of the project.

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