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FutureMARES @ NetworkNature - Opinion Piece on Marine Restoration

A FutureMARES opinion piece, written by Dorte Krause-Jensen and Myron Peck, is part of NetworkNature's portfolio on their current semester theme on Restoration. In their article, Krause-Jensen and Peck argue that the restoration of marine habitats such as sea grass meadows, reefs and kelp forests is an integral component of mitigating climate change and aiding marine species to adapt to its effects.

NetworkNature is an initiative by the European Commission that brings together research projects and practitioners from the wide field of Nature-based Solutions (NbS) via meetings, Task Forces, and a range of networking activities. The initiative highlights different NbS-related issues during so-called "semester themes" - specific focus topics that pick up on current developments in research and practice around NbS. The current theme is titled "Nature-based solutions for ecosystem restoration" and runs from September 2021 till March 2022.

Reef underwater ocean sea habitat restoration
Reefs are important sites of marine restoration - one of the Nature-based Solutions (NBS) FutureMARES investigates

FutureMARES features eight Storylines on habitat restoration. These Storylines are spread across Europe from northern Norway and the Northern Baltic Sea to the Atlantic coast of Portugal and the Balearic Islands. Targeted habitats include seagrasses, salt marshes, mangroves, kelp forests, coral reefs and shellfish reefs. These habitats form natural coastal protection and thereby help to adapt to increased storminess, seal level rise and flood risks resulting from climate change.

Read the entire opinion piece on the NetworkNature website here.

Click the names for more information about the authors:

Myron Peck (Project Coordinator)

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