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Welcome to FutureMARES!

FutureMARES is an EU-funded research project examining the relations between climate change, marine biodiversity and ecosystem services. Our activities are designed around two Nature-based Solutions (NBS) and one Nature-inclusive Harvesting (NIH) :

Effective Restoration (NBS1) 

Effective Conservation (NBS2)

Nature-inclusive Harvesting (NIH)

We're conducting our research and cooperating with marine organisations and the public in five Case Study Regions across the globe. Our goal is to provide science-based policy advice on how best to use NBS/NIH to protect future biodiversity and ecosystem services in a future climate.

Watch the FutureMARES Synthesis video! 

What are the key results of FutureMARES? What policy impact does our project have? Find out in our brand new video.


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ECR - Erik Sulanke - TI

ECR - Erik Sulanke - TI

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