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FutureMARES research area on ARTE

A documentary about sea level rise and coastal management will air tonight and tomorrow, showing the oyster reefs we study in FutureMARES.

'Wenn die Fluten steigen' ('When the floods rise') airs on ARTE today and on the German broadcaster ZDF tomorrow.

From ARTE: "Globally, climate change threatens our coasts. As early as 2100, the sea level in many places could be one meter higher than it is today. A big problem on flat coasts such as the North Sea. In order to make life there possible in the future, researchers and coastal residents are tinkering with new concepts."

Air dates:

  • 7 May19:40-18:10 ARTE (Re)

  • 8 May17:35 ZDF (plan B)

It is also available to watch now on the ARTE viewer

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